“Making dim sum isn’t easy “There are many factors that can influence the taste. Take barbecued pork buns - even the weather can affect the outcome,”

He is talking about how higher external temperatures can hasten the process of fermentation, making it easier for baked goods to turn sour in hot weather.

As the founder of Tim Ho Wan, one of Hong Kong’s most popular dim sum restaurants, Mak, 50, knows what he's talking about.

“Yum cha”, or “dim sum” brunch is the most popular and well-known form of Cantonese cuisine. Eating dim sum is usually a happy and boisterous occasion, when family and friends gather to sip tea and eat a great variety of dishes.

These are usually exotic snacks served in bamboo containers or on small plates. The great popularity of the southern Chinese cuisine is a source of pride for many Hong Kongers, but also an expression of their unique cultural identity.


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